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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mark Clements, Helen Harris, Willa Lewis-Zeiler, Susan Lulee, Nguyen Ngoc An-G

Design/Development Phase - 5P Lesson Plan

Component Three


Develop a personal stress management plan

  1. 1. Write up a personal stress plan:
    1) Describe at least two ways that you used to identify the cause of your stress.
    2) Identify one stressor and generate possible solutions to that problem.
    3) Evaluate the strength and weakness of each solution.
    4) Select 1-2 strategies and implement them for 4 weeks
    5) Write down what have you learned from the module: self reflection and application to daily life
    6) Post your stress plan and provide feedback to members in your group (collaborative track); email stress plan (self-paced track)
  2. 2. Complete the post module stress questionnaire
  3. 3. Complete the module survey
  4. 4.Additional Resources:
    1) Aging in the New Millennium: Managing the Role of Stress in Our Lives. Struggling with What It Is, Dr. Stevens Kickman, 56 min.
    2) Yoga , 35 min.
    3) Psychological Self-help, Dr. John Grohol
  5. 5. Performance assessment.


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