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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mark Clements, Helen Harris, Willa Lewis-Zeiler, Susan Lulee, Nguyen Ngoc An-G

Design/Development Phase - 5P Lesson Plan

Component Two


Learn strategies for managing stress

  1. 1. Question: How do you handle stress? Complete the Stress Strategies survey and discuss in your small group or journal if in the self paced track
  2. 2. Review the stress management techniques
  3. 3. Compile a list of stress strategies,
    1) Question: How many stress relievers do you know? Share with everyone. (Brainstorming. Categories: physical activity, nutrition, social support, relaxation, spirituality, positive thinking.)
    Feedback: Simple ways to deal with stress: Breath deeply, take a break to think and relax, exercise, work on a hobby, play an instrument, listen to music, laugh, and etc.
  4. 4. Practice stress strategies:
  5. watch the video and practice other stress relief techniques: Medical tips , Meditation, Yoga,
    Question: Does it work? (Relievers will work for a while but then the stress comes back.) What the different between react and Respond (Break the reactive response).
    Feedback: Effective ways to managing stress: Facing stress as it is and solve it, do not create all kinds of scenario in your mind and scare yourself; changing to an organized life style; avoiding high fat, sugar, caffeine, and salt; building social support system; improving communication skills; and etc.


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