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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mark Clements, Helen Harris, Willa Lewis-Zeiler, Susan Lulee, Nguyen Ngoc An-G

Design/Development Phase - 5P Lesson Plan

Component One


Each student will
  1. 1. Define stress
  2. 2. Identify causes of stress
  3. 3. What is stress and where does it come from
  4. 4. Signs of stress
  5. 5. How people cope with their stress and stress cycle
  6. 6. Stress reduction
  7. 7. Stress prevention
Learning Activities:
  1. 1. Complete a pre-module stress questionnaire.
  2. 2. Watch the video and discuss onlne or write in journal (self paced track) will ask for self reflection and relevancy to the student:
  3. 3. Is it familiar to you?
  4. 4. Have you ever felt stress?
  5. 5. What are the sources of stress? Good and Bad.
  6. 6. What happens when we can't cope with stress? Consequences long term.
  7. 7. Complete the Stress assessment. (Stress Source Input Form)
  8. 8. Discuss (or journal) hte chart below (created by Dr Stevens Kickman) and explain the consequences of stress to an individual. (Elements in the stress cycle are: External Stress - Internal Stress Events - "Fight-or-Flight" - Stress Reaction - Internal Reaction - Mental Adaptive Coping - Breakdown. The element in the right hand side is Mindfulness - Stress Response)


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